Flame of Change Unifying Support



The Flame of Change Unifying Support (FOCUS) is an idea and a statement that will focus attention on the positive work that happens in the domestic and Aboriginal and family violence sector. As the name states it also about changing perceptions and attitudes surrounding the domestic and Aboriginal and family violence and the homelessness and domestic and Aboriginal family violence itself, with the view of how as organisations we can unify our support not only for each other but more importantly for families and communities that are affected by domestic and Aboriginal and family violence.

How the idea was created.


In September 2014,Tod Stokes and I had been facilitating training in Pt Augusta on lateral violence, whilst driving back to an Adelaide discussion turned to the 16 Days of Activism, the White Ribbon breakfast, White Ribbon Day and the DV and homelessness sector. The White Ribbon breakfast is the launch of the 16 Days of Activism against gendered violence and I asked Tod what is in place to culminate, show case and then close the 16 Days of Activism. Of course there was nothing official in place at the time and Tod stated “KWY should hold an event to showcase the DV sector and the great work that happens within it”. It was at that point an epiphany happened, the discussion continued as Tod busily took notes on his iPad as we discussed and planned the event over the next two hours whilst driving back to Adelaide.


The most difficult part of all of this was finding an appropriate and worthy name for the gala event. We needed a statement that reflected the sector, the great work within it and also something that was marketable. 

The flame was an integral symbol for us as it symbolises the candle light vigil,that takes place to support victims, survivors and families of domestic and Aboriginal family violence. Change needed to be made in attitudes from men regarding gendered violence and also the perception of the tireless and unrecognised work that takes place from within the homelessness and domestic violence services. Unifying Support is an important element in the sector from all organisations working towards the same goal, to ensure the safety of women and children.

2017 Flame of Change Unifying Support awards and conference dinner this year is open to anyone that is a part of the Domestic and family and homelessness sector. Nominations are now open if you know of an individual or organisation that has gone above their funding agreement to support clients then nominate them. 



Join us in celebrating the outstanding individuals & organisations who provide support for people experiencing homelessness & domestic & Aboriginal family violence.

Venue : Crowne Plaza Hotel
Date :Friday 8th December, 2017
Time: 6.30pm-11.30pm
Address:16 Hindmarsh Square, Adelaide


Book a seat or a table
Tickets on sale from August 21st, 2017
Free with purchase of conference 2 day ticket :3 course meal and 5 hour entertainment package.
Music by Sound Factory
F.O.C.U.S Award nominations open August 21st, 2017.
For more information contact Admin (08) 8377 7822


Nomination forms

 2017 Flame of Change Unifying Support – Individual Nomination 

 2017 Flame of Change Unifying Support – Large Organisation Nomination 

 2017 Flame of Change Unifying Support – Small Organisation Nomination 

 2017 Flame of Change Unifying Support -KWY Special Recognition Award 

2017 Flame of Change Unifying Support -Rosie Batty Award 

 KWY is a not-for-profit Aboriginal organisation delivering a range of specialist services across South Australia.  KWY’s aim is to improve the levels of engagement and positive outcomes for women, men, children and community.  KWY  supports  the safety of women and children  by providing a  whole of family holistic response to supporting our community . KWY also provide specialist training in South Australia for the National Affordable Housing Agreement (NAHA) sector some 97 services statewide .


No To Violence incorporating the Men’s Referral Service is the peak body for organisations and individuals working with men to end family violence. As the peak body NTV advocates on behalf of their members to raise awareness of men’s behaviour change work. It provides resources, including training for service providers to enhance their capacity to successfully engage with men who use violence and then to work with men to prevent further violence. NTV also deliver the Men’s Referral Service which is a men’s family violence telephone counselling, information and referral service and is the central point of contact for men taking responsibility for their violent behaviour. 


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